The End Of The Trail for California’s OHV Program?

Save California's OHVThis information has been posted and reposted several times, I got it as an email from a few different sources. My “trust but verify” meter always leads me to research things like this before posting them, and this has been verified. I believe the original source for this email was District 36 Motorcycle Sports Committee, Inc.

California’s Department of Parks and Recreation is going through a Transformation Process that is proposing eliminating of the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division.

As it now operates under the OHV Motor Vehicle Recreation Division, Californian OHV Parks are the only self-sustaining parks in the state, while all other state parks lose money. Elimination of the OHVMVRD will result in your Green Sticker fees going into a general fund and the loss or mis-use of the OHV Grant Program. What does this mean to you? ….Simple, less money, YOUR MONEY, to maintain the California OHV parks and OHV trails on public land, but instead, redirected to whatever the Department of Parks and Recreation see fit.

California’s elected leadership has a long history of misusing our OHV funds. Loans, Transfers and outright Takes have left the OHV Community weary and the program woefully underfunded. Think it’s bad now? With the proposed action, OHV funds for OHV use will just “be gone”.

Don’t let Bureaucrats Destroy the Nation’s Finest OHV Program! Everyone NEEDS to TAKE ACTION NOW with only a few minutes of your time and let them know this is just not acceptable!

A cliché, yes. but so true: United We Stand – Divided We Fall.

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