Adventure Girl – General Tire Ad

In October of 2014 General Tire sponsored an advertisement in print and TV media showing a girl stuck in traffic in a Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited daydreaming about becoming Adventure Girl. The customized Jeep was pretty trick, and had an unusual top on it. The tagline is “General Tire and the Adventure Girl. Whether you’re stuck bumper to bumper or cruising on the wide open salt flats, General Tire makes every drive an adventure. With General Tire anywhere is possible.”

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Filson makes awesome more … awesome-y!

Filson Edition AEV Brute Double CabThe American Expedition Vehicles Brute Double Cab Pickup Truck is one of my all-time favorite off-road vehicles.  They don’t sell them anywhere near me (the closest authorized dealer is down in Oceanside), and they’re the most expensive Jeep I’ve ever lusted after.

The AEV Brute Double Cab is a customized 4-door JK Jeep Wrangler, that’s stretched, beefed up, and made spectacular by the Michigan-based company, American Expedition Vehicles with skid plates, available Warn winch packages, and more.  There are even more varying degrees of awesome available from the factory.  This particular vehicle offering is not just the upgraded JK, though.  Underneath that sheet metal beats 6.4 liters of American Hemi V8 can-do whup-ass.  This Jeep is the Captain America of Jeeps.  It is hoo-rah on wheels.

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